Saturday, February 14, 2009


I started my teaching in year 2004 is school at Johor Bahru named SMK Sultan Ismail. As I entered the school first, I have been asked to teach Geography for Form 1 and 2. I got shock without but I managed to overcome it by working hard. As time goes, I realized that we can teach any subject apart of our major if there is hard work in us. We have to wake the spirit in us to educate God’s gift.

After a year, I’m given my major subject that is Physics. I have been asked to teach Form 4 and 5 students. As a moving point, I prepare myself with luggage of knowledge. I did a lot of readings and references to improve my knowledge in Physics. I manage to do my own homework before I enter the class everyday. At that time, internet was my best friend since I spend most of the time with it. I able to get plenty of information regarding Physics.

During in the lab, I will give a clear and adequate instruction to the students so that they could understand easily the concept. I will use a simple language to explain to ensure they understand. My students have told me that two things that they like my teaching; language and life lessons. The first are easy to acquire. The second makes them understand easily since the concept relates to daily life.

In my teaching, respect is my number one rule. I respect the students so it is easier to cooperate with each other. I maintain a safe learning environments in which all students are treated fairly and respectfully. I treat them as our own kids, so we care for them and same goes to them. They will respect our words. They know our motives so they will cooperate with us which will make our life easier.

I believe we are all love children of God. I assume their goal is to learn the knowledge. I want them to gain confidence in their intellectual abilities. I always encourage students to strive for excellences. Beside teaching and learning, I used to advise them in all corners. They accept it with open heart.

To encourage myself, at certain times, I always think about the teachers I have had those days. I will pick whatever is the best from them. One of that is mind-mapping. I love whenever my Biology teachers provide us with blank mind map for us to fill in once the lesson over. So, you need to recall whatever the teacher taught before to complete the mind-map given. The same method im using during my lesson and the students really enjoys it.