Thursday, January 29, 2009


For my knowledge, education will be the major machine on earth to build knowledgeable and skillful human beings. It plays an important role for every single human on this world. They will be taught how to face and solve problems at each stage of growth from childhood until the old age. I believe that as an educator, it will be our responsibility to prepare the students to face their adult lives.

Students are represents as a blank white cloth. Teachers are those who will design the cloth with colorful and attractive patterns. The colors and patterns represents skills and knowledge a student posses. To achieve this, cooperation will be the major part of learning process. It should be build into each single teachers and students.

My ambition to become a teacher is due to educate our nation child by giving moral supports according to our culture. So, in the sense of achieving this, I’m as a teacher also going through a lot of learning process such as expanding reading on psychology, analyzing from my previous experiences, concentrates on growing awareness of the field and etc. This is to improve my knowledge on reality and also about the world around me. While going through this, I came up with my own values that I should have as a teacher. That are cooperation, self-confident, Must be an effective communicator and also smart problem solver, be truthful and finally be patience.

Cooperation is in the sense of relationship between teachers, administration, parents and student. This could build up a very friendly type environment at school. When this happens everyone could enjoy their teaching environment throughout their life without any hesitation. For my opinion, cooperation is the key motivator for a teacher to perform successfully in their classrooms.

Self-confident; As an educator, we should built up self-confidence on ourselves before we deal with our students. We should be knowledgeable and skillful to tackle different various types of students. We could be an approachable being for students. This could improve the relationship between teacher and student.

An effective communicator in the sense of when explaining the lesson. It should be an interesting part of classroom. We should relate the lesson with reality, nature and life so the student will aware of it. The language is playing a major role to become an effective communicator. Students should understand the language that is used in the classroom.

A smart problem-solver is to enable us solve various problems from various parties. The way we solve problem should not hurt either side. It should be handled smoothly.

Be truthful; This would be an essential quality for a teacher. As a teacher we must be sincere and truthful when educating our children. We could serve them whole-hearted without any hesitation. Be fare for all races, be nice to everyone. Everyone is God child. Treat them as our own child.

Patience; Anything could be achieved by patience. In today’s world, intolerance is becoming a way of life, which leads to violence. The path of patience is difficult but pays in the end. This would be the values that I carried along in my teaching profession.